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是的,Hotmail 昨晚出现问题了

昨晚, 多位热心网友询问 Picturepan2 是否遇到 Windows Live Hotmail 无法访问的错误,不久,官方发布了公告:

“我们想让大家知道我们了解到刚刚 Windows Live Hotmail 出现了问题 – 登录之后可能遇到“Server is Temporarily Unavailable”错误。我们正在努力恢复 Windows Live Hotmail, 并对此给您带来的不方便表示歉意。”

更新:Windows Live Hotmail 现在已经恢复正常。

官方公告:Email Support Space
LiveSide:Yes Hotmail was having a few problems



我们的朋友 Belem 和 LiveSide 的 Kip 就之前“微软是否会收回非正常渠道获得的 @live 帐号?”事件询问了微软相关人士,并取得了官方的回复。

I have new information and wanted to let you know that we will not be closing accounts that are in active use.   Our desire is to not penalize enthusiastic customers who created accounts prior to the official release.  This decision was reached several weeks back and has now been communicated across the various involved teams here.

Sorry for any confusion,

据微软最新的承诺, 将不会收回正在使用的 帐号,对于绝大多数的 @live 用户来说都是安全的。

最终, 项目经理 II Scott 给了 Ray 一个圆满的答复。现在事件已经结束了,希望大家不要再传播删号的消息了,在此感谢。

相关信息:Belem’s Blog – 圆满结束


微软收购在线广告交易平台 AdECN

自上次微软收购数字广告代理 aQuantive 之后,微软于当地时间 26 日宣布了收购一家在线广告交易平台公司,AdECN,但价格未公布。微软此次收购旨在向广告提供商和出版商提供更全面的搜索和广告显示平台,增加投资回报率。同时为与不久前收购 Right Media 的雅虎的竞争在此领域做好了准备(AdECN 是 Right Media 的竞争者之一)。

AdECN 是一家实时拍卖、在线广告中立交易的公司,成立于 2003 年,位于加利福尼亚州。

官方公告: Microsoft to Acquire AdECN, Inc.
相关链接: Microsoft Buys Online Ad Exchange AdECN


微软是否会收回非正常渠道获得的 @live 帐号?

来自微软员工的问答电子邮件显示,他们计划收回非正常渠道注册的,这意味着前些日子通过 4 次漏洞注册的帐户可能会被回收,时间大约是 3 周内,其实早在去年也有相关的消息传出,但微软一直没有下手。内含来往信件全文,信件中微软员工明确提到 3 周内回收帐户,用户有 3 周时间备份邮件日程数据和联系人。

至今为止,微软官方并未给出答复, 将继续关注此次事件。

更新:上午 Belem 得到的消息是, 据微软内部最新的承诺, 所有 @live 账号将不会被删除. 这意味着对于绝大多数的 @live 来说都是安全的。LiveSino 将继续关注。

Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 07:27:26 -0700
Subject: RE: Investigating “” account

Thanks for your kind response.

Unfortunately, I’m not in control of that process. I was only asked to follow up on several account to provide you a polite notification.

Because we do not have public registration open for accounts yet, all accounts currently created are considered “test” accounts. Test accounts are scheduled to be deleted in approximately 3 weeks as a pre-release step prior to the official launch of Live Mail.

You can use this 3 week period to export your address book (Options >> Export Contacts) and redirect contacts. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please let me know if you have any questions,



From: Lei Huang []
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 2:09 AM
To: Scott Sxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Investigating “ ” account


I’m very glad to receive your email.
If you want to know how I can get this account, please search the Internet and you find several bugs can be used before your official rollout.
In addition, there are a lot of friends and business partners in my friend list of this account. If you delect it, you will make a big trouble for me.
Thanks for regarding.


From: Scott Sxxxxxxx <>
Date: 2007-7-25 9:57pm
Subject: RE: Investigating “ ” account
To: Ray <>

Thanks for your reply,

I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding. My intent is not to threaten and I trust your intent is also not to threaten. J

We simply haven’t released addresses for public use yet. The good news is that the official release of @ email registration is in several months.

As part of that launch, we are looking at addresses that were ‘pre-registered’ typically through a registration bug where a query string value could be changed to the domain value. There were also a small number of accounts which were issued to internal Microsoft team members that worked on shipping Live Mail. Some of those team members work in our China development group which is why I inquired if you were a Microsoft employee.



From: Ray [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 1:02 AM
To: Scott Sxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Investigating ” ” account

Who says the Windows Live ID only can be registered by MS employee?
If you have any document to indicated it, please share it to me.
Or I will let others know how arbitrary and outrageous MS employee is.



2007/7/25, Scott Sxxxxxxx <>:

Are you a Microsoft employee?

I’m looking into how several accounts were created prior to the official rollout of accounts.

Please respond by Friday or the account may be deleted.




Subject: *DETECTED* Online User Violation
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 23:00:35 +1000

Dear Live Member,

We have temporarily suspended your email account

This might be due to either of the following reasons:

1. A recent change in your personal information (i.e. change of address).
2. Submiting invalid information during the initial sign up process.
3. An innability to accurately verify your selected option of subscription due to an internal error within our processors.
See the details to reactivate your Live account.

Sincerely,The Live Support Team

来源链接 is deleted without any legitimacy, who will be the next???


微软启动 Windows Live Derby 2007 游戏

在这个游戏中, 你将驾驶一辆小汽车穿越五座城市( 纽约, 伦敦, 圣弗朗西斯科, 西雅图和拉斯维加斯 ), 选择你喜欢的角色和车型,收集足够的点(类似于红白机经典游戏 Pac-Man 吃豆子), 并避开威胁。

值得注意的是这个游戏完全基于 Windows Live Maps 制作, 在美国大街上到处乱撞。撞车的时候你的对手还会骂人呢!

微软启动 Windows Live Derby 2007 游戏

微软启动 Windows Live Derby 2007 游戏

访问:Windows Live Derby 2007 


微软以及 寻求搜索隐私保护

近日有报道说”微软于周 6 晚承诺请求相关产业发展全球隐私条例,并用来保护相关的搜索以及在线广告。”

微软以及 近日提议那些领先的搜索引擎商,在线广告公司,以及主张保护隐私的人们坐到一起开展一次积极的对话,以讨论由在线广告和搜索大量增加所带来的隐私问题。谈话的目的是希望各产业能够统一隐私的标准,并遵循这个标准。各公司 9 月也会相应升级他们的服务。 最近公布了 AskEraser,一个隐私设置选项,它能够保证不会遗留任何搜索记录,这成为了同行业中第一个吃螃蟹的。Google 也宣称将会改变用户隐私策略,虽然还不清楚究竟新策略是否真的有帮助

隐私策略-包括搜索公司得到怎样的私人信息,他们能保存多久,他们怎么处理这些信息,是一场艰难的战争。Google 已在搜索信息上建立了自己的王朝,但是对于微软以及其他业者,或许用户隐私保护,可以作为追赶 Google 的一个契机。(by kip kniskern)

LiveSide:Microsoft and call for search privacy protection

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