MSN Direct API “发送至 GPS” 推出

MSN Direct API “发送至 GPS” 推出今天微软宣布了一个 MSN Direct API,允许网站可以通过无线或者 USB 连接发送定位信息至导航设备:

MSN Direct opens up opportunities for Web sites in a variety of areas — real estate, travel, event planning and food service — to make it fast and simple for visitors to have access to turn-by-turn directions on their navigation device,” said Joe Coco, product unit manager of the MSN Direct initiative at Microsoft. “MSN Direct helps consumers get the most out of their navigation device, while also helping businesses drive more customers to their locations.”

MSN Direct 包括:SPOT 手表一些附件,现在已经和 GPS 设备以及 Windows Mobile 手机整合了,这对于广大的用户来说是有利的。

MSN Direct API 可以在 MSN Direct/Developer 获得,了解更多请访问 MSN Direct 首页

LiveSide: MSN Direct API “Send to GPS” released

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