Live Framework Tools CTP 一月版推出

Live Framework Tools 是针对 Visual Studio 推出的,允许用户在 Visual Studio 2008 和 Visual Web Developer Express Edition 2008 中创建、开发、发布和 Debug Live Mesh 应用。上个星期五,微软正式推出了 Live Framework Tools 的一月版。

Live Framework Tools CTP 一月版推出

开发者可以在这里获得 Live Framework Tools 一月版更新,Live Framework Tools 一月 CTP 版包括大量的 Bugs 修复,以下是一些值得注意修复:

  • Debugging or running a Mesh-enabled Web Application which contains no changes from previous versions immediately launches the application instead of re-uploading the files.
  • Mesh-enabled Web Applications created by the Live Framework Tools now have identical offers to those created through the Azure Services Developer Portal, which are generally less restrictive.  This change removes the need for the workaround mentioned in this thread.
  • Projects created by the Live Framework Tools may now contain periods fixing the issue reported in this bug.
  • Changes to the application’s logo.png file will now be reflected in the icon that appears on the Live Desktop fixing the issue reported in this thread.
  • Error messages and diagnostics have been improved.  In certain error situations additional information can now be located in the application event log.

除了 Bugs 修复之外,Live Framework Tools 还增加了更新提醒功能,一旦有更新将会提醒用户。

Microsoft Connect: Live Framework CTP Developer Connection Home

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  • imgen

    我点击阁下提供之链接, 结果却吃了一个Page Not Found - You have no permission之类的问题, 试了好几次都是一样, 获得Live Framework开发包需要一些先决条件么?

    2009 年 02 月 02 日 6:46 下午 回复

    • Picturepan2

      @imgen 要确定已经加入 Live Framework CTP 才可以额。。

      2009 年 02 月 02 日 6:50 下午

  • imgen

    多谢指教, 我现在已经下载了SDK以及相关的组件, 正在尝试中

    2009 年 02 月 02 日 11:31 下午 回复