Microsoft 将 Office Live Workspace 整合入 Live@edu 套件

今天,微软将 Office Live Workspace 整合入了 Live@EDU 套件,为高校提供 Office Live Workspace 服务。Office Live Workspace 提供了用户在线协作的环境,允许用户访问和共享文件。它整合入 Live@EDU 之后,为大学的教育者和学生提供了一个全新的组织研究和协作作业的选择。

“Our continued aim is to offer education institutions the best choices of tools to meet the evolving needs of their organization, educators and increasingly tech-savvy students,” said Alan Yates, general manager for the Worldwide Public Sector Education at Microsoft. “Tools such as the expanded e-mail, calendaring and IM functionality of Live@edu and the Microsoft Office capabilities of Office Live Workspace give students a rich ‘connected learning’ experience, putting them at the center of a vibrant, collaborative teaching and learning community.”

多所大学已经签署了该服务的采用计划,其中包括:Ball State University, devry university, Florida Community College at Jacksonville 等。

另外,新的 Live@edu 项目现在提供 5 GB 的 e-mail 存储空间,1 GB 的密码保护的在线存储空间,自动 e-mail 回复,IP 地址白名单。

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