Sun Java Runtime 安装推送将整合 MSN Toolbar(只限美国用户)

从今天开始,Sun Microsystems 将对每个使用 Internet Explorer 浏览器下载 Java Runtime Environment 程序的美国用户捆绑提供 MSN Toolbar 的下载。

Sun Java Runtime 安装推送将整合 MSN Toolbar(只限美国用户)

微软的在线受众业务高级副总裁 Yusuf Mehdi 提到,与 Sun Microsystems 的此次合作有力的帮助其在搜索领域的大规模推广跨出了战略性一步。

“This agreement with Sun Microsystems is another important milestone in our strategy to secure broad-scale distribution for our search offering, enabling millions more people to experience the benefits of Live Search, With the vast array of Java software-based Web applications that are downloaded every month, this deal will expose Live Search to millions more Internet users and drive increased volume for our search advertisers.”

当然,Sun Microsystems 对此合作也相当的有信心:

“With over 800 million Java desktop users around the world, our goal is to provide Java users with compelling and immersive business and consumer solutions powered by Java technology and value-added solutions from world-class software partners,” said Rich Green, executive vice president of Software at Sun Microsystems. “Our customers expect top-quality products when they choose to download technology from Sun, and we are confident that they will find great value in both Microsoft’s MSN toolbar and Live Search.”

只是目前只对美国用户开放,只限于 Internet Explorer 用户,并且我相信大多数的 PC 都已经“被动”安装了 Java,那么以此一来这一合作到底意味着什么,我想只有等时间来证明了。

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