Live Mesh 客户端升级:将推迟至明年 1 月

Live Mesh 团队两个星期前预告过 Live Mesh Windows 客户端的升级,但是可恶的跳票事件再次重演了。紧接着 Live Mesh 宣布了服务维护的通告,今天 Live Mesh 团队又在博客发布了此次客户端升级将推迟至明年 1 月份的消息:

UPDATE: In the world of services, we have blackout periods where no updates are allowed. This is to ensure stability during, e.g., the holiday season when use of a product goes up and the availability of employees to fix issues goes down. The Live Mesh team entered this blackout period before the final testing of our next Live Mesh client for Windows was completed. Thus, we’re holding this update until after the holidays – look for more news in early January.

据说 Live Mesh 团队是没能在圣诞节的 Blackout 之前完成新版本的 Windows 客户端的测试,不知道在上个星期之前发生了什么事情,我们没有收到预期的升级(是测试还没完成?还是发生了什么问题呢…希望仅仅是前者了~ 🙁 )。跳票事件反正我们也就快习惯了,虽然”伟人“们经常教我们不要逆来顺受。但希望最终推送给广大用户足够稳定的更新程序就好了 🙂 。我们明年一月的时候会继续关注相关消息。

LiveSide:Live Mesh: Delayed Client Update For Windows Now Scheduled For January

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