Theme Codename H 正式推出

Theme Codename HTheme Codename H 是一款免费的 WordPress 主题,您可以自由使用该主题,但不可出售;也可以根据自己需要修改该主题,但请保留 Theme Codename H 的链接。谢谢。


  • 快速 RSS 订阅
  • 移动版
  • 收藏与分享
  • IE8 网页快讯
  • 联系表单
  • 最新评论
  • 404 页面
  • 分享页面
  • 评论页面

帮助:Theme Codename H 安装及修改指导,以及 主题 PHP 文件列表。我会陆续进行详细介绍,敬请期待。寻求更多帮助?或帮助完善?留言Email 或者 Twitter

在线演示: http://livesino.net


Theme Codename H Released

Theme Codename H is a Free WordPress theme. You can use the Theme Codename H without any restrictions, but not for sale. You can modify it as you like as well, and please do not remove the link to Theme Codename H. Thanks.

Main features:

  • One Click RSS Subscriptions
  • Mobile Version
  • Fav & Share
  • IE8 Web Slices
  • Contact Form
  • Recent Comments
  • 404 Page
  • Share Page
  • Comments Page

Help: Installation Instructions & Theme PHP Files. I will talk more details about Theme Codename H later soon. Stay Tuned. Looking for more helps or Help improve the Theme Codename H? Leave a comment, contact Picturepan2 with Email or follow my Twitter.

Live Demo: http://livesino.net

Download: http://livesino.net/theme-codename-h

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