Paul Thurrott 发布了 Office Live Workspace 评测和截图

Paul Thurrott 在第一时间发布了 Office Live Workspace 的截图:

Paul Thurrott 发布了 Office Live Workspace 评测和截图

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Paul 强烈推荐 Office Live Workspace 服务:

As the first Office Live service that is applicable to virtually all current Microsoft Office users, Office Live Workspace is a usable and feature-rich example of Microsoft’s “software plus services” vision. The Web interface is clean and simple, and the service provides easy sharing functionality, even to those without Windows Live IDs or even Windows-based PCs. Naturally, Office Live Workspace works best in tandem with Microsoft Office, but then that’s how it should be: Microsoft has been talking up how it plans to make its desktop applications better with Web services. Office Live Workspace actually fulfills that promise. Highly recommended.


另外,Appbeta 消息

微软今天也为 Windows Vista 用户发布了一个更新程序,微软要求 Office Live Workspace 必须安装此更新,以确保在 Vista 上使用 Office Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint 与 Office Live Workspace 协作时性能得到优化。

  • 老实讲免费的ZOHO。就完全足以代替这个繁杂的MS系列产品

  • 微软的软件+服务的战略贯彻的还是很不错的,呵呵。短期来说,很多人还是很容易适应这个模式的。

  • 主要是live的速度有时很慢很慢啊

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