Live Search 更新移动搜索,请访问 m.live.com

Live Search 和 Live Search Maps 团队正在不断改进他们的服务,最近他们的更新也是相当的多,如昨天的加拿大 Live Maps 交通信息更新,今天他们又推出了针对移动平台的搜索更新。在下载一个安装包之后,你移动设备上的浏览器就具备了与 Live Maps 交互的功能了,比如缩放。我刚刚在我的 T-Mobile Shadow 上测试了一下,非常漂亮。根据  Live Maps/ Virtual Earth 官方博客,其他改进包括:

  • 1-click directions for all businesses and street addresses in U.S.
  • Additional details for U.S. businesses, including neighborhood, business category, cuisine (restaurants) and hours of operation
  • Photos and reviews for U.S. businesses
  • Improved movie show times Instant Answers (we now show critics rating)
  • Added interactivity to all maps (clicking on maps now zooms in/out to predefined levels, or advanced to the next waypoint for routing maps)
  • Traffic & map Instant Answers
  • Mobile search for the China market. Scopes offered are local (no maps, but coming soon), web, images, news and Spaces.

Live Search 更新移动搜索,请访问 m.live.com

Live Search 更新移动搜索,请访问 m.live.com

其中大部分都是针对美国地区的服务更新,但本地(地图服务即将推出)、网页、图片、新闻和 Spaces 移动搜索已经向中国市场开放。可以访问 http://livesearchmobile.com/ 获得安装包。

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