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通过 MSN Direct 向 Garmin GPS 发送 Live Maps 信息

在 CES 2008 上,微软宣布了多家新合作伙伴。Garmin, Live Search Maps 和 MSN Direct 推出了一项新的功能:允许 Garmin GPS 设备,包括新的 Garmin nüvi 780,从 MSN Direct 接收用户通过 Live Search Maps 输入的信息。根据 Garmin 官方信息:

从第二代 MSN Direct 网络发送的增强动态内容,同样也包括在 Garmin 最新推出的 nüvi 880 :

  • 交通状况
  • 汽油价格
  • 天气报告
  • 增强的电影列表
  • 本地活动
  • 新闻和股票
  • 发送至 GPS 设备

如果你购买了 nüvi 780,将赠送3个月免费 MSN Direct 服务。更多信息请访问

当你使用支持该服务的设备,你可以使用 Live Search Maps 来发送信息。根据 Virtual Earth / Live Maps 博客的信息:

Among the Virtual Earth news (stop by our booth if you’re at the show for more) is our announcement with Garmin that their latest Portable Navigation Devices can receive individual Waypoints (addresses, business listings, any pushpin) as well as entire Live Maps Collections sent from your PC or Mac. What is unique here is that you don’t need to physically connect your PND to your PC and it doesn’t need to have a connection to the internet as the data is transmitted over FM airwaves. This enables you to do your trip planning at home on your PC with Live Search Maps and when you are done select the new ‘Send to GPS’ menu to have your location information transmitted to your Navigation device automatically. Plan a vacation by building a Collection of all of the attractions, Hotels, and landmarks you want to visit, then with once click you’ll have them on your navigation system when you’re on the road.

点击“发送至 Send To”按钮,Live Search Maps 会打开一个对话框要求安装 MSN Direct 设备:

LiveSide: Send Live Search Maps info to Garmin GPS through MSN Direct

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