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微软 adCenter Analytics (Project Gatineau) 更新至 Beta 2

微软 adCenter  Gatineau 已经更新至 Beta2,这次更新包括一些新的功能,显著的性能,并且已经取消了 5 美元的注册费。这里是申请 Gatineau 的页面。adCenter 团队的一名项目经理 Amit Fulay 发布了更多更新信息

  • Free analytics-only account. We listened to the customer feedback and have removed the $5 adCenter sign up fee.
  • New tool for auto-tagging your web site
  • Commerce ROI reports
  • 3rd party paid search campaign import for Google and Yahoo! paid search campaigns
  • Campaign timeline report
  • Tree-map reports for Traffic and Inbound referrals
  • Age-Gender composite segment
  • Domain white-listing (only data from domains you specify are included in reports)
  • Visitor loyalty metrics (depth & length of visit, frequency, loyalty, new versus returning visitors)

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微软 adCenter Analytics (Project Gatineau) 更新至 Beta 2

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LiveSide: Microsoft adCenter Analytics (Project Gatineau) releases Beta 2

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