Live Search Books, Academic 将关闭

今早,搜索、门户和广告部门高级副总裁 Satya Nadella 在 Live Search 博客上发表了一篇公告,Live Search BooksLive Search Academic 将会在下个星期关闭。

Today we informed our partners that we are ending the Live Search Books and Live Search Academic projects and that both sites will be taken down next week. Books and scholarly publications will continue to be integrated into our Search results, but not through separate indexes.

This also means that we are winding down our digitization initiatives, including our library scanning and our in-copyright book programs. We recognize that this decision comes as disappointing news to our partners, the publishing and academic communities, and Live Search users.

或许这不是好消息,微软 Live Search 渐渐开始取消了那些非商业性的或者说不怎么赚钱的项目了。从而进一步加强那些商业化项目,以此来与 Google 竞争,从而赢得更多的市场份额。根据 eMarketer Inc.:美国在线零售业将会在2012年达到 3350 亿美元的市场,而今天 68% 在线零售是通过搜索引擎开始的。这等于每月 37 亿次商业相关搜索查询。总得来说,微软的 Live Search 将会针对市场而进行相关产品的改进。

LiveSide: Live Search Books, Academic to shut down

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