Live Mesh Infrastructure 基础架构更新

最近 Live Mesh 的新闻非常频繁,这次轮到 Live Mesh Infrastructure 基础架构(服务器端)更新了。

Live Mesh infrastructure update

We will be rolling out an update to Live Desktop today, July 21. There will be no update to the Live Mesh software. You may notice a slowdown in service or some display issues while the servers update.  If you are still seeing these problems after the 21st, please report them on the forums or through Microsoft Connect.

Live Mesh 团队在 7 月 21 日推出 Live Desktop 的更新,注意,无 Live Mesh 客户端更新。在此期间使用 Live Mesh 可能会遇到问题。

官方消息:Live Mesh Update: July 21st, 2008 – Server only

LiveSide: Live Mesh Infrastructure Update

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