Live Search 仍不是一款全球化的搜索引擎

在 08 奥运期间,尽管 Live Search 每天更换两次背景Live Search 奥运背景更新Live Search 奥运背景更新Live Search 8月17日奥运会背景更新),但该背景也只有美国市场更新,中国市场的背景始终停留在“国家体育场”的背景(这不是技术问题,而是商业决策问题)。奥运期间的 Live Search 更新也只是针对美国市场更新,而其对手 Google 则是面向全球推出奥运相关搜索及资讯服务的。

Live Search 仍不是一款全球化的搜索引擎

Steve Clayton 上次基于最近的即时通讯市场统计讨论了一些产品的推出和本地化,搜索引擎应该是一项不受操作系统平台、浏览器、网络连接以及设备限制的服务。微软必须在全球市场做好搜索引擎的,其重要性我就不多说了。

Live Search 仍不是一款全球化的搜索引擎

那么又是什么原因使得这些决策者们专注于美国市场的 3 亿用户,而不重视全球其他市场的用户?这和 Windows Live 产品的现状或多或少有些类似。

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  • matchbox


    2008 年 08 月 18 日 9:24 下午 回复

  • 曉光


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  • 任平生


    2008 年 08 月 18 日 10:23 下午 回复

  • vasudev

    One more thing, the background image for today (Baseball featuring Jongwook Lee) is been repeated. It was shown on 14th Aug also. I think MS should not repeat these background images at least during the Olympics.

    It is updated, not baseball now? - Picturepan2

    2008 年 08 月 18 日 10:53 下午 回复

  • Amanda

    @vasudev: You may want to clean your browser cache....I need to repeat that twice to get rid of the baseball backgroud just now...IE got the issue twice with the Live Search background these days, FF rarely will.

    2008 年 08 月 19 日 12:15 上午 回复

  • vasudev

    @Amanda, @Picturepan2 Tried everything, still getting the same baseball background.

    2008 年 08 月 19 日 1:25 上午 回复

  • Amanda

    @vasudev, :D hope you are not going to see that baseball backgroud even more.... :P Try this, (IE 7 or 8?) Try to put the Browsing History Settings to Never store the Temp Internet Files temporarily, without any tab currently opened, clean your Temp Files again, including all the offline files...if you have got that option....I was playing with the IE for a long long time the first time want to get rid of a backgroud, hoho~ Fingers cross~Hope Helps......

    2008 年 08 月 19 日 4:53 上午 回复

  • vasudev

    As I said tried everything, still I was getting that Baseball picture only, I didn't get the above shown Rowing event image. Again today morning I tried Live Search and a new image of Triathlon was there. So I think problem is solved now.

    2008 年 08 月 19 日 9:07 上午 回复