Live Search Maps Argentina 现已上线

Chris Pendleton 又给我们带来一则新闻:Live Maps for Argentina 已经上线:

This site comes with geocoding places and addresses, road maps, satellite imagery and photography and traffic incident and flow information. In terms of content, this is what you get which is a great framework to build on.

Also, I should point out, don’t miss the right-click menu. Within the right-click menu you can add pushpins to the map which then fires off the whole Collections feature. Those of you who have used Live Search Maps in the US are well versed in how Collections allow you to login with your Windows Live ID and store your points, polylines and polygons in a cloud service we host and are available to you when you return. With Collections you can also create new lists (200 items per collection) with descriptions, URLs and photos. On the collections panel, under the Acciones (or actions) menu you can Propiedades (rename your collection and give it a description), Mostrar todo (map all your points), Enviar por email (send the collection link via email), Eliminar (remove pins from the map) or Limpiar (delete your collection).

Live Search Maps Argentina 现已上线

Live Search Maps India 推出微软与中华黄页共同推出 Live pages 地图服务Live Search Maps 推出中文版地图服务,加上现在的阿根廷版 Live Search Maps。想象一下以后,要看一个国家的地图,先要去指定的某个目录站点中搜索该国家的 Live Search Maps 的地址,最后才能访问到详细的地图。一起看看微软还会有多少“本地化”版本的地图服务吧。

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