Live Mesh: Live Mesh 和 Azure 有何关系?

明天,我们将听到更多关于 Live Mesh 的内容,而今天都是关于 Windows Azure 的,这是一款云服务平台。但 Live Mesh 与 Windows Azure 有何关的呢?Live Mesh 团队做出了如下的解释:

In his PDC keynote just now, Ray Ozzie announced the Azure Services Platform.  Here’s the overview picture:

Live Mesh: Live Mesh 和 Azure 有何关系?

The Live Services box at left is home to the developer services and APIs that power the Live Mesh platform experience.  Think of it this way — Live Services provide the infrastructure, Live Mesh is a software + services experience/app built on top of those services.

Live Services 是 Windows Azure 的开发者服务与 API 的基础,同时 Live Services 也驱动着 Live Mesh 平台体验。也就是说,Live Services 是整个的基础架构,而 Live Mesh 是一款基于 Live Services 的软件+服务产品/体验。

LiveSide: Live Mesh: How Does Live Mesh Relate To Azure?

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