Live Mesh For Mac 邀请已暂停

如果你正准备但还没开始用你的 Mac 尝试 Live Mesh,你可能要等待下次邀请的开放了。来自 Live Mesh 官方论坛的最新消息,Live Mesh For Mac 的技术预览邀请已达到名额限制,到目前为止已暂停。

We’ve had an outstanding response to our Live Mesh software for Mac and we’ve hit the current limit for the tech preview.

We’ll be monitoring the system for any issues before we open up more invitations. Please keep an eye on the forum to find out when more invitations will be made available.

Thank you,

The Live Mesh Team

你可以继续关注 Live Mesh 论坛的更新等待邀请再次开放,而我们也会继续关注并报道最新的消息。

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