Windows Live Wave3 的生日特殊主题

上次我们介绍了 Windows Live Wave 3 动态主题背景,今天将继续上次没有提及的 Windows Live Wave3 新主题体验:生日主题。根据 Windows Live 客户体验团队项目经理 Allison O’Mahony 在 Windows Live Wire 博客中的介绍

Themes – New themes allow you to customize your experience throughout Windows Live. Click Options and then click More themes to choose from twelve standard themes that apply different designs to the header. You can also choose from several dynamic themes, which change their design based on the time of day and weather conditions—some of them even offer a special birthday surprise. – 部分主题将提供给用户特别的生日惊喜。

Daily weather and other notifications – At the top of the home page is a new notifications area designed to help you keep on top of your day. There you’ll find today’s date and weather conditions in your location, as well as notifications of new private messages, network invitations, and the next event on your calendar. During special events such as your birthday you may see a personal message here too. – 在特殊的日子,如:生日,用户将看到祝贺的消息。

接下来我详细介绍一下,其中 Daisy Hill, Tugboat, Robots 和 Sports 四款主题将会在你生日那天显示特殊的背景,下图为 Daisy Hill 主题的效果:

Windows Live Wave3 的生日特殊主题

Windows Live Home 服务的 Header 也会显示特殊的消息,天气信息将会以图标代替。如下图:

Windows Live Wave3 的生日特殊主题

甚至连 Windows Live Account 也显示了生日祝贺信息。

Windows Live Wave3 的生日特殊主题

对于那些不想让别人知道自己生日的用户来说,请放心,只有自己才会看到上述的界面,而其他人浏览你的 Profile 只会看到标准的界面。

LiveSide: A birthday surprise from Windows Live

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