Messenger 9, GTalk 整合, Messenger API, Mac OS X 版新客户端信息

在昨天的 Georgia Institute of Technology 的 IEEE  Student Branch 上,微软的职员和 Georgia Tech 研究生 Andrew Jenks 透露了一些令大家惊奇的信息。他花了很多时间宣布了一个新的 Windows Live Messenger API – “the Tech Preview will be released during MIX 08 and the Beta 1 will be released when WLMessenger 9 ships in late 08 or early 09.” 根据 Steven Hollingsworth。

他在 Neowin 上发表了一篇 “Ampcoder” 文章,说:

The API is very basic right now but by the time the first beta is released, the team hopes that they can include full support for everything that the full messenger client uses, including audio/visual protocols and other things on top of the basic text messaging and nudge messaging that the API currently includes.

Hollingsworth 虽没带相机,但仔细地做了记录:

Internal builds are already at WLM 9 and includes many of the API components. They have a team working on multi-person audio/video chat for WLM that may or may not be in 9, but should be in by 10. They are also trying to work out a way for WLM users to chat with AIM/GTalk/ICQ users like the way Yahoo! works now, and they have an internal version that works with GTalk already (but very basic). MS will no longer update the MSN Messenger for Mac, but they are going to release a brand new client for Mac OS X that is according to him “Really, really cool and awesome” but he would not provide anymore details due to his NDA.

内部已经在开发 Windows Live Messenger 9 了,并且包括许多 API 组件,他们正在开发多人语音视频聊天(可能会在 9 中出现,10 中肯定会有),同时,他们也在努力开发出和其他聊天软件共通的方式,目前已经有能和 Gtalk 聊天的内部版本了,还有,Max OS X 上也会有一个全新的 Messenger 版本。

这些计划可能会被改变,因为这只是当前的计划,之后 Jenks 提供了一个详细的演示,Hollingsworth 介绍道:

新版 API 的一个功能是,Vista Sidebar Gadget :显示单个联系人和状态。双击打开聊天窗口,拖曳文本,图片,文件就可以发送。另外一个功能就是与服务器管理员对话,如:通过 Windows Live Messenger 提示管理员硬盘空间问题了。他还演示了一个用户开发的程序,能够确切显示你使用一些 API 功能的朋友在哪里,以及他们提供的信息。还有就是,他另外开发了一个 Windows Live Messenger 程序,能够与 Windows Live Messenger 聊天,发送文件,窗口振动。

一些附加的消息,包括新版 Xbox 上的 Windows Live Messenger:

He did all of his coding in Visual C#, and he said that a newer version of the Server API would be released soon. Oh, he said that the WLM that is integrated into the Xbox Live platform was version 7, and they are currently working on upgrading that to WLM 8.5 and possibly even 9.

I think that is about everything, we talked for a couple of hours after the presentation, but that is all covered under beta NDAs that we are both under.

现在我们来总结一下,根据 Hollingsworth 和 Jenks 所介绍的:

  • 新版 Messenger API ,希望包括完全支持所有的 Windows Live Messenger 功能。
  • API Tech Preview 将会在 Mix08 发布,Beta 1 API  将会与 Windows Live Messenger 9 最终版一起发布
  • Messenger 9 将会在 08 年末或者 09 年初推出
  • 微软正努力尝试让 Windows Live Messenger 与其他聊天软件互通:AIM/GTalk/ICQ。目前已经与 Gtalk 能基本互通。
  • Mac OS X 上新版 Messenger,Mac OS X 版 MSN Messenger 将不再更新
  • Xbox Live 目前使用 Messenger 7,将会升级到 8.5 或 9

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