Microsoft 计划收购法国移动音乐公司 MusiWave

在今天的一份微软官方新闻公告中,微软宣布其计划收购法国移动音乐公司 MusiWave。该公司是面向移动公司和媒体公司的移动音乐娱乐服务主要提供者。根据官方公告:

The acquisition would bring Musiwave’s relationships with music labels, device makers and mobile operators that deliver digital entertainment to consumers, together with Microsoft’s Connected Entertainment technologies and services, including Windows Mobile, Zune, MSN and Windows Live. Should the transaction proceed, Musiwave would continue to operate out of its current headquarters in Paris.

Musiwave 将会和微软在线娱乐技术与服务(Windows Mobile ,Zune, MSN 和 Windows Live)共同向用户提供数字娱乐内容 。

MusiWave 提供新版 T Mobile Music Jukebox 后台技术,并提供技术,销售,以及移动和音乐厂商的内容。

LiveSide: Microsoft plans to acquire MusiWave, French mobile music company

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