XNA Game Studio 2.0 支持创建在线多玩家游戏

微软官方12日新闻:微软推出了下一代 Xbox 360 和 Windows 游戏开发平台 XNA Game Studio 2.0。新版开发平台新增了为 Xbox LIVE 和 Games for Windows-LIVE 创建在线跨平台多玩家游戏的功能。另外,XNA Game Studio 2.0 增加了超过 15 项新的功能,大家可以在 http://creators.xna.com 下载到。

XNA Game Studio 2.0 支持创建在线多玩家游戏

微软 XNA 部门总经理 Chris Satchell 说:

“When building XNA Game Studio 2.0, we wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to utilize the rich gaming environment of LIVE used by AAA developers for titles such as ‘Halo 3’ and ‘Gears of War’. We accomplished our goal with this new toolset, and, best of all, it remains highly accessible to students, hobbyists and pros alike.”

XNA Game Studio 2.0 支持所有版本的 Visual Studio 产品,并且能支持许多 LIVE 的出色功能,如:根据网络情况和地区自动匹配在线玩家。

官方公告: New XNA Game Studio 2.0 From Microsoft Enables Creation of Online Multiplayer Games Using LIVE

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