MWC08: Windows Live 移动开发者平台

最后,在另外一个官方新闻公告中,微软宣布推出了新版本的 Windows Live 移动开发者平台,以及 Windows Live @ Mobile。引用自官方新闻公告:

These latest updates to the Windows Live Mobile Developer Program include new features to Microsoft’s Mobile Services Protocol and a new software development kit (SDK), enabling developers to create mobile versions of Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Spaces that can work on any phone operating system. These updates give developers the capability to create applications with an exceptional user experience and more advanced functionality, all built on a WS*-compliant protocol. (…)

Microsoft is also announcing the availability of Windows Live @mobile, a program that enables mobile operators to deploy a set of standard Microsoft mobile services such as Windows Live for Mobile and MSN Mobile to their customers quickly and efficiently. These standard deals support different business models, providing operators with several choices, including subscriptions, transactions or advertising so they fit with their existing business or new business ideas. Operators can choose to deploy browser-based services that work on nearly any phone with a data plan or with any of the certified third-party clients developed by Microsoft partners.

Mobile World Congress 2008: Windows Live 移动开发者平台

这次更新的功能包括,微软移动服务的协议和一个新的软件开发包(SDK),允许开发者创建移动版本的 Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Spaces,并且在任何手机操作系统平台上运行。微软同样也宣布了 Windows Live @ Mobile ,允许移动运营商快速有效地向其用户配置一系列微软移动服务,如:Windows Live 移动版本的服务,和 MSN Mobile 服务。


LiveSide: News from Mobile Congress 2008: MSN Direct; Danger acquisition; Sony Ericsson deal, and a Windows Live Mobile Dev announcement, whew!

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