Microsoft, Yahoo! 的合并与 Google – 在线视频

Microsoft, Yahoo! 的合并与 Google - 在线视频 Google Video 站点:
Google Video

Yahoo! Video 站点:
Yahoo! Video
Yahoo! Live

Microsoft Video 站点:
MSN Video (包括Soapbox)

注: 占 Google 视频站点浏览量的 97% 以上  

上图说明了什么呢?首先是,Google(YouTube) 在这个领域无论是视频查看量和独立视频访问人数都是大大领先的。我删除了上图中其他站点的统计(可以点击上图访问来源查看其它站点的统计),但如果微软和 Yahoo! 合并,它将超过现在的第二名 Fox Interactive Media (美国市场份额: 视频查看 3.5%, 独立视频访问人数 23.9%). Fox Interactive Media (MySpace, Photobucket Image Hosting) 是归 News Corporation 所有的。

最近有许多关于在线视频的传言,尤其是 Yahoo! Live 的推出。这是一次实验性质的推出,并且在 Y! Live 博客上发布了 Y! Live – The world is watching:

Y! Live was dreamed up as a way to make it possible for anyone to create their own live video experience. Broadcast the concert you’re at. Webcast your own live DJ set. Lifecast….

For viewers: How is Y! Live different from other online video sites? That’s simple: it’s live. What you’re watching, right now, is what other people are watching, right now. We wanted to create an experience that takes us back to live television, where things are happening now, in real time.

For broadcasters: You’ve been posting your stuff to MySpace and YouTube. Now, connect with your fans in real time on Y! Live. There is something intangible about a live performance – an excitement that you can’t replicate in pre-recorded format. Broadcast a performance, interact with your fans with video and chat, embed your broadcast anywhere – it’s all possible on Y! Live.

For developers: Check out our developer preview of our API and embeddable components, and well as a sample app and tutorial we threw together…..

另外,TechCrunch 的 Michael Arrington  也发布了一篇关于 Yahoo! Live 的文章

我发现了一篇有趣的文章,Michael 提到: Microsoft  将收购 Ustream? 如果这件收购发生的话,这将极大的推动微软在线视频的市场份额。还可能刺激 Google 尽快推出 YouTube 的 Live Streaming 功能。(Google may offer live streaming from YouTube later this year?)

另外一个将会大大推动 MSN Video/ Sopabox 的事实是,微软将会在其视频服务站点采用 Silverlight,官方团队已经在之前申明过了

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