Virtual Earth 站点和数据更新

针对 Business Decision Makers 的 Virtual Earth 站点

几个月前,微软推出了 Virtual Earth 的市场推广站点。你可以在上面找到新闻,活动,产品之类的信息。

新闻页面包括了一些最新的开发公告和一些来自产品组成员的博客,如:Chris Pendleton, Steve LombardiJerry Skaw

活动页面是一个展示 Virtual Earth 活动(Webcasts 和会议)的页面,你可以在上面获取更多的信息。

来源: Virtual Earth, An Evangelist’s  Blog – Virtual Earth Site for Business Decision Makers

Virtual Earth 3D 博客

新的 Virtual Earth 3D 博客:

Welcome to the Virtual Earth 3D blog, dedicated to the sharing of information about the Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D environment as seen on the Live Search Maps site. Here we will strive to keep you abreast of the latest product news and general items of interest related to the great work that is coming out of the Microsoft Boulder 3D Integration team. We encourage you to use this as a forum to voice your questions and share your views about Virtual Earth 3D.

你可以通过访问 访问。

还不止这些,这个月 Virtual Earth 数据更新了 42.85 TB 数据,比上个月增长了更多

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