Virtual Bird’s Eye:一个关于 Virtual Earth 的站点

Chris Pendleton 介绍了一个关于 Virtual Earth 鸟瞰方面的站点Virtual Bird’s Eye – 定位新闻发生地,有趣的地点,时事和旅游胜地。

Virtual Bird’s Eye has been put together from the ground up to bring links and sights from all over. Virtual for many reasons – on the web, in images and because you can’t be in all these places at the same time. Bird’s Eye for a few reasons – Bird, nickname for a satellite; Eye, like like the view of a flying bird. And for the common saying ‘Bird’s Eye View’.This site is going to try and bring you sights from many different avenues:

  • Provide links to current events and news
  • Provide links to interesting places
  • Provide links to user submitted areas

每个星期,他们都有特定的主题,本周的主题是 Major League 棒球场地,上周是 PGA Tour Golf 比赛场地。你可以通过他们的联系页面发送你喜欢的地点链接:联系页面

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