Windows Live Translator 现已与 Microsoft Office 整合

Windows Live Translator 现在已经通过 Research 面板与 Office 2003 或者 2007 整合了。根据微软研究院机器翻译 MSR-MT 团队博客的信息,该新功能将会自动更新至 Office 中:

We have officially handed over our code to the Microsoft Office team for the integration of the translation tool directly in the Research Task Pane.  Once they have finished their own testing and “flipped the switch” on their side, the feature will auto-update in existing versions of Office.  I’ll blog about that here again when that happens – at that point, no additional setup steps will be necessary.

Windows Live Translator 现已与 Microsoft Office 整合

但是你现在就可以为 Office 安装 Windows Live Translator 功能了,如果你使用的是 Office 07。官方博客保证将在本周末发布 Office 03 的手动安装方法。虽然整个手动安装的难度不大,但是步骤特别多,具体步骤请查看官方博客说明

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