iPhone 应用: MyWeather(Weather Central+Virtual Earth)

Picturepan2 之前帮我们介绍过,早在去年9月份 Weather Central 与 Microsoft Virtual Earth 合作。而此次 Weather Central 面对 iPhone 使用者推出的 MyWeather Mobile  服务,无论使用者身在何处,都可以随时个性化查询任何地方的天气情况。该软件使用了微软 Virtual Earth 技术,很好的结合了 Virtual Earth 的高精度 radar 地图以及 iPhone/iTouch 的触摸功能,使用者可以详细定位并找到自己所在的街道的位置,从而查询具体的天气情况。

iPhone 应用: MyWeather(Weather Central+Virtual Earth)                      iPhone 应用: MyWeather(Weather Central+Virtual Earth) iPhone 应用: MyWeather(Weather Central+Virtual Earth)

MyWeather Mobile is all about personalization and interactivity. It brings your weather to you, wherever you are, wherever you want it. Our GPS feature means you get precise weather exactly where you are—be it San Francisco, Denver or Whiskey Jug, Wyoming.

You can touch it and shape it. MyWeather uses Microsoft’s Virtual Earth technology to display radar maps in stunning HD-quality that you can pinch, flick and zoom. Pinpoint your exact location and drill down to street level.

Interact with hour-by-hour forecasted temps, wind speeds and precipitation by simply touching the screen and selecting the hour you want. Plan your day your way. This data is available for hundreds of locations in the U.S. Learn more

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