Microsoft 招募 PMX 团队品牌营销总监

Kip 刚好在 上看到一条微软的招聘信息,高级移动体验 Premium Mobile Experiences  团队正在招品牌营销总监(Director of Brand Marketing)。微软称此为“难得的绝佳机遇…帮助微软构建下一代价值数十亿美元的消费业务”。


If you have strong experience in consumer brand marketing, a passion for mobile devices, software, and services设备,软件和服务), and want to help challenge conventional thinking and take the mobile industry in a new direction then PMX is the place for you. PMX is a highly entrepreneurial team that is leading innovation in consumer mobile experiences(PMX 是引领消费者移动体验创新的团队) including community, communication, and connected entertainment(移动体验包括社区,沟通和连接娱乐).   PMX includes the Danger business which currently powers the T-Mobile Sidekick(PMX 还包括目前驱动 T-Mobile Sidekick 的 Danger 业务).

Responsibilities of the Director of Brand Marketing will include: Lead the brand marketing team composed of all brand and marketing communications functions including Brand Creative, Advertising, Packaging(包装), PR, Events, Lifestyle, Online/Digital, and Social/Community/CRM marketing efforts

Direct brand communication including ensuring the creation and execution of world class packaging(世界级包装)and global advertising across all mediums(贯穿各类媒体的全球广告)

Support other teams including channel, retail(零售), product management, business development, and partnerships to ensure they have the support they need to deliver a strong, powerful, and consistent brand message

The ability to create and manage a substantial budget and resources(管理客观的预算和资源)

The ability to think differently, challenge conventional wisdom, and drive new best practices

An affinity for mobile consumer products(移动消费产品) and digital entertainment(数字娱乐) is mandatory

其中多次提到娱乐和包装,尽管 Project Pink 未在此次 MWC 09 上推出,但 My Phone 和 Windows Marketplace for Mobile 的宣布已经也挺不容易的了。我也挺期待 Microsoft 能尽快招到这位品牌营销总监,让我见识一下什么叫世界级的包装和广告。

注:由于我 Windows Mobile 的问题,未能成功登录 My Phone。推荐大家看一下 Neowin 的 Microsoft My Phone First Impressions

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