FolderShare 团队承认出现问题 – 并许诺很快会更新

最近那些使用 FolderShare 的用户经常抱怨,该服务的离线时间比在线时间还久。我们看了一下 FolderShare 新闻组上的信息:该服务需要 99.9% 的服务在线率。不过现在微软开始改进 Windows Live FolderShare beta 了。

微软 Windows Live FolderShare 团队的一名在新闻组中很活跃的成员 Mohammed 透露了一些信息:

“We’re hard at work on improvements to the service, including some great new UI enhancements you can expect to see in the coming months that we think you’re going to love. 

In the meantime, however, we’ve been facing some challenges as we begin to transition the platform behind the service from the original code FolderShare ran on when we first acquired it to a more robust offering.  And unfortunately many of you have been feeling some of these pains first hand. 

Specifically, some recent hardware failures caused a chain of events that have caused connection issues for many over the last week or so.  We are working hard to address these problems and expect things to be functioning properly again in the coming days.  And longer term, you can rest assured that we are also making significant investments in our architecture and platform to fix these issues for the long term and to prepare the service for the future.”

Live FolderShare 团队正在努力改进该服务,包括新的界面,在接下来的几个月中,大家就会看见。因为最近的一些硬件故障,导致了服务的不稳定,他们表示会很快修复。从这几段文字来看,Windows Live FolderShare beta 的网站和客户端都会很快更新。

那为什么微软会花那么久在整合 FolderShare 上呢? Mohammed 暗示了原因,因为 FolderShare 是收购来的,所以该服务并不是能完全立刻整合入微软的服务当中。而且 FolderShare 是架构于 Apache+Php+Mysql 上的,他们必须重新写代码将其移植到 Windows Live 数据中心的 Windows 服务器上。最终 FolderShare 会怎样与其他 Windows Live 服务整合呢?

LiveSide: Foldershare admits problems – promises improvements soon

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