Windows Live QnA – 还记得他们吗?

Windows Live QnA 官方博客上发布了一篇新文章!  如果除去去年10月份的一篇仅有一张图片的文章来说,从8月份开始,他们就再也没在官方博客上发布过文章。这篇最新的文章介绍了一位新高级项目经理  Heather Friedland,他说:

I’ll keep my first posting here brief but I wanted to respond to a few questions I’ve seen crop up on the QnA site lately.

Question #1, “What is the future of QnA?” One of the reasons why you haven’t heard from us on the team blog is because we are in meetings all day long, researching and debating the next set of features for the QnA site.  In this release, we hope to address and make improvements from the feedback we’ve seen around key problems and scenarios. While you may not always hear it from us, we do actively read and monitor the feedback we get from the QnA community to help us prioritize the fixes and features that would best improve your experiences moving forward.

And, in answer to Question #2, “Is there even a QnA team at Microsoft?” Yup – there is, indeed, a QnA team at Microsoft hard at work in the Silicon Valley Campus in Mountain View, California.

第一个问题:Live QnA 的将来会怎样呢?他的回答并没有出乎我们的意料:关注来自 QnA 社区的反馈,并不断改进体验。第二个问题:微软是否有 QnA 的团队?当然,QnA 团队在硅谷微软。

可能大家已经忘记了 Live QnA,QnA 是微软 Windows Live 中的问答服务,直接竞争对手为 Yahoo! Answers,刚刚建立这么一个问答服务的数据库,并且还没完全整合入 Live Search。我们正关注着他们团队的进展,虽然很久没有更新了,但至少他们每天都有会议讨论。 😀

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