Live in Europe, 一个介绍欧洲 Live 的博客

我们的朋友 Sunshine,最近, 发布了一篇介绍 Windows Live in Europe 的日志。在她的日志中写道:

Ever wanted to be kept more up to date with all things happening related to MSN and Windows Live in Europe? Read what they are working on in Europe too, instead of only at Headquarters Redmond? Wanna know what is keeping people busy on this continent regarding all this? Now you can! Recently a new blog emerged called Live in Europe.

Kris Hoet, Brian Groth 以及很多人都介绍了 Live in Europe,如果你对欧洲的 Windows Live 感兴趣,你可以从她那了解更多。

访问:Live in Europe
LiveSide: Live in Europe, via a European blogger

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