Live Search 近期新闻汇总

Live Search 最近一直不断的有更新和改动,甚至还包括极有可能的品牌的更名。微软在线服务总裁 Kevin Johnson 在昨天的 SMX Advanced( Search Marketing Expo) 会议上,谈论了 Live Search 的品牌问题:

Now that Microsoft has abandoned its $47.5 billion takeover bid for competitor Yahoo Inc., its marketing team is working on fixing Microsoft’s search image to make it more competitive with Google Inc., Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft’s platforms and services division said at a search advertising conference in Seattle hosted by the parent company of news site

Danny Sullivan, editor of SearchEngineLand, asked Johnson if he meant Microsoft wants to “change” its image in search instead of fix it.

“Fix means fix,” Johnson replied. “If that means change, we’ll change.”

在最近几周,Live Search 新首页再次更新Live Search CashBack 服务上线新 Live Search 服务: Farecast – 搜索、订阅航班服务Live Search Club 站点更新Live Search Books, Academic 将关闭Live Search 网页错误工具包推出。现在,还有两则新闻:

Search and Give 是微软 Live Search 的一个向慈善机构赞助项目,用户通过选择一个慈善机构或者学校,并从 Search & Give 首页开始搜索,Live Search 就会向他们进行捐款:

Live Search 近期新闻汇总

另外一则就是,微软 SearchTogether:协作搜索工具的推出。

LiveSide: Search, Give, and share with “Live Search” <insert new name here>

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