Windows Live Groups 将于 11 月 17 日推出

在一封已发布于 MSN Discussion 公开新闻组中的邮件显示:MSN Groups 将于 2009 年 2 月 21 日关闭,而 Windows Live Groups 将于 2008 年 11 月 17 日推出。

Thanks to contact Technical Support Windows MSN Groups, are Claudia, and with reference to your e-mail, you know that MSN Groups will be closed and that is why you can have problems. That message I sent personally it is true then I pray to you and your entire community to read the information on closing MSN Groups which is located at: (

MSN Groups service to close on February 21 2009. Users can still be used until that day, but will no longer have the ability to add additional storage capacity to it.

There was a company with Multiply, a service of Media Group and sharing online, to create a migration process that moves the service to MSN Groups (Multiply), so in that way preserve the online community and the history of the group MSN.

A new service, Windows Live groups, will be launched on November 17 2008. Customers have 3 options to move his team to a new service:

1. Automatically move your MSN and its data set to Multiply. This option is free and easy to use: Multiply move the contents of the MSN group and invited members to return to join his group in this new position.

2. Start from scratch in another department. Customers can start from scratch and create your group in a different service. However, we recommend you leave your group will automatically move to Multiply. This will enable the group to an easy transition, and users can continue to enjoy the communities that have created.

3. Start from scratch on Windows Live group. To further expand our exchange and communication services, Windows Live will launch this new service. It is expected to launch Windows Live groups to the public on November 17, 2008. Multiply site: _ 20% 20.

Thank you for using Windows MSN Groups.
Support Windows MSN Groups.

根据 Claudia 的表述,我们并不能直接将 MSN Groups 迁移到 Windows Live Groups,但有个服务叫 Multiply 可以帮我们保存 MSN Groups 的内容。

LiveSide: MSN Groups to Close: Windows Live Groups to begin Nov. 17

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