Live 服务故障报告: 部分用户 Windows Live ID, Messenger, Mail 无法使用

昨天,很多用户都经历了无法登录 Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail 等情况。在社区中,也出现了许多关于此故障的讨论。这个现象并不是个别几个用户才遇到的。


“We are aware that some customers may be experiencing difficulty accessing their Windows Live accounts,” Microsoft said in an emailed statement. “We’re actively investigating the cause and are working to take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation as rapidly as possible.”


LiveSide: Live Services problems reported: LiveID, Messenger, Mail are down for some

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  • 大帝007

    怪不得!不过我好像后来HOTMAIL能登陆上去! 呵呵

    2008 年 02 月 27 日 1:22 下午 回复